University cookbook

Being away from the comforts of home usually comes as a shock to most students in higher education. making time for lectures, library’s, studying and visiting the local Laundromat ┬áleaves little time before the night culture starts and eating well usually comes a poor second for many.

My son was a shining example of those symptoms and used to empty my refrigerator every home visit (we won’t mention the washing). Most accommodation in these area’s can be basic with poor cooking and storage facilities so joking aside it can not be easy for would be cooks. Baring in mind the pressures that modern day learning can bring making time for eating may well be passed over too often with students eating more junk food than need be. will help by publishing some simple easy to follow recipes for the busy lifestyle students face today. Hopefully we hope some of these recipes will show you that cooking simply and quickly doesn’t mean compromising standards and that you will be inspired to be more adventurous as your culinary confidence grows.

Bon Appetite

Robbie x
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